Canada Geese


There are some lovely photos of Canada Geese but unfortunately I had rather a frightening experience when one of them attacked me and my little Yorkie. We were both injured. The vet said it is not unusual for little dogs to be killed by Canada Geese as they are so strong. Their wings can break a man’s leg. Apparently in Europe they are used instead of guard dogs to protect premises.


7 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:

so sorry for your experience Casso,how awful......hope you are both fully recovered.....I have heard of "guard geese" before....Swans also are extremely strong...and I find them quite frightening so tend to keep my distance....especially when they have young

8 Mar, 2011
jane said:

Sorry to hear pays to keep a respectable distance sometimes Casso....especially at nesting time. When I was a child I remember a neighbour kept a flock of geese as "guards"..we never tried to "scrump" his apple tree...they were fearsome ! Lol..

10 Mar, 2011
lincslass said:

I`m always wary with them and no way would I venture near a swans nest, hope you and your pet are ok now....

10 Mar, 2011

I spent some time on a farm when young....I was always a bit
scared of Geese they used to hiss at you whenever, getting close
to them & if you did not move quickly, they would chase after you
all group together, and used to make an awful racket, really scary!! The farmer always used to tell us that they will not hurt you...I never did believe him, always avoided them if i could...
Saying that, they are what they are, as Nature intended, we just have to be wary of them....So sorry, to hear of what happened
to you and your dog Casso..

17 Mar, 2011
robashfield said:

When I'm walking Buster,I keep a good distance from geeses and swans,they don't like dogs!! But when I'm on my own,I sit within a resonable distance from them,until they settle,then I take my photos.I think it comes down to a bit of trust on both sides.Hope you and your dog are ok casso...all the best.

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