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There so many good pictures on the site I hope I do not offend by not commenting on them all. I check the site out three or four times a week and am envious of all the sitings but especally of the birds I have not seen yet.
Keep up the good work all
kind regards


4 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:

certainly don't offend me you say sometimes it takes a long time to go through them all....thankfully I have a lot of spare time and this site has become part of my hobby.....
I know time is so precious .....only as you get older do you realise just how true this is.

4 Mar, 2011
aster said:

I think it's the same for many of us Rod. I try to put likes on but as you say,not always time to comment. Still you can always look back at times when nothing on tv :))

4 Mar, 2011
lincslass said:

I`m miles behind on here and Goy especially with the photographs, fast as I think I`m catching up, we get another upload, with the lighter nights coming I`ll probably miss loads more, cannot be helped, lets face it we tell the young ones not to spend all day in front of computor, so better lead by example, lol........

4 Mar, 2011
jane said:

No worries can be very difficult to keep up at times. Personally am online most evenings as I work Monday to Friday...but when I miss an evening and start to catch up I sometimes have to put on a "like" in lieu of a comment otherwise I should be there for hours on end. Agree with you....the photos on Ispy are fabulous....and great for ID too !

7 Mar, 2011
david said:

I agree, Rod, that the pics here are fantastic. They are much better for identification for me than any illustrations in my several bird books.

11 Mar, 2011
robashfield said:

Totally agree with you all.Too busy getting the piccys sometimes,but do try to comment or "like" as much as possible.I don't think anybody on this site would be offended if there photos were not commented on.It is nice to share,and as david says..the identification on this site is second to none.!!

13 Mar, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Mm difficult as clearly any site needs comments and input between members . Ispyabird was developed to provide more than just a photo gallery and as such relies more heavily on members interaction , than perhaps other birding sites do.

That said the number of quality submissions make commenting on large numbers impractical at times esp if you ve been off site for a few days.Most members appear to realize this and try to acknowledge submissions as time permits and on a scale they feel comfortable with.

Personally work on the principle that if someone has taken the time to answer or comment on something I ve submitted then I should find time to acknowledge and thank where appropriate .. even if it its sometime later.

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