"Poor Little Dunnock

Went out this morning to feed my feathered friends as usual. Filled
some of the feeders, on my way back to get more supplies, i sighted this little ball of fluff in front of me they had their head tucked into their wings & they were shaking, i bent down to have a closer look, to my surprise it was a little Dunnock who suddenly
shot up and hopped away. Of course, it was scared only natural
i kind of assumed that this poor little bird could not fly, they then
shuffled under a hedge out of sight. I felt so bad, thought to myself this little bird does not stand a chance not being able to fly!! There are so many large Predators about only the strong can survive. I carried on filling the feeders, as i walked towards the feeding station, there in front of me was the same little bird huddled up in the sun still shaking with his little head tucked into their wing again such a sorry sight…..what are we supposed to do in this situation? I picked them up he/she was so light & soft, worst thing that could have happened was that they looked straight up at me, as if to say ’help me, they started to struggle so i lifted them up to fly, but he/she just attempted to fly but, did not get very far landed in the bushes & then just disappeared.
I could have taken some great pics of this little bird, but i would have felt so guilty when they were so vulnerable.
It upset me, for the rest of the day it really does get to me just
knowing this little 1 was not going to survive after their wing
being damaged probably by the Cat or Sparrowhawk. The worst
thing is that they got away, but now face a worse fate than if
killed. Does this affect others as it does me, i feel so silly,
i know there is nothing we can do, but i wish i could have made
that litle bird safe….could i have done something to help?
What would you have done? I would be interested to know…


3 Mar, 2011
littlewren said:

Oh dear FP know exactly how you feel and even reading your blog saddens me......I have had to learn not to dwell on these things as you say nature has to take its course.....could it possibly have hit a window and was just stunned.....? Try to think of all the positives of your lovely birds and what you do to help them through life.....

3 Mar, 2011
aster said:

I agree LW. I don't think I would have been able to do anything either. At least in the bushes it may have had some shelter from predators,it probably knew its 'safe' place :)
Just remind yourself that these things happen all the time in the countryside,we just don't see it, thankfully.
Not silly at all,you are just a very caring person Fp :))

3 Mar, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Aye FP ..Jane would get upset when a sparrowhawk took a bird and used to chase them and thought my pragmatic view was a little uncaring.

She now realizes that such is nature and much of their daily existence involves life and death , some birds such as robins and even goldcrest fight amongst themselves causing fatal injuries.

Dunnocks are well used to hiding in hedgerows and as LW and Aster say your care and concern is sure to be reflected in the birds that feel able to visit and possibly breed in or near your garden.

Small injured birds are very difficult to nurse and often view us a predators so the extra stress of handling a bird that would normally want to escape is often too much for them.

Under the circumstances very little else you could do.

3 Mar, 2011

Thank you Littlewren, Aster, & Bb....I did feel guilty afterwards thought i should have tried to nurse, it until stronger. You have
all made me feel so much better with your understanding comments, much appreciated....

4 Mar, 2011
jane said:

So sorry to hear this Freesia...as everyone else says...you have a heart of gold and know this must have upset you at the time. Just think of all the tiny ones you have helped through this harsh winter.....you must have saved many tiny lives when help was most needed. They wil reward you by always staying/visiting your garden...x

5 Mar, 2011

Aaaa...Bless jane, I always try to do my best for them i was so mad with myself to see this tiny bird struggling for life....let's just
hope they had the strength to survive i would rather think they
did. Dunnocks do seem to stay aground, & live mainly foraging
in the hedges unlike other birds always flitting around never
staying still for long. I do believe jane, i have a little Dunnock
hanging around my large conifer, looking to nest which they seem to do each year....got my fingers crossed, here's hoping...jane x

6 Mar, 2011
jane said:

My fingers are crossed too for you and your little dunnock Freesia. Must feel safe to nest with you year after year....x

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