Right now I am after losts of photo advise from your experts photos



I am enjoying my new hobby with my camera.And I will be the frist to say it is far from the best.But I also think its very much like gardening ( The more you do the more you learn


27 Feb, 2011
littlewren said:

some brilliant photos Donna I like no.3 in particular........I am in the same position as you trial and error....but great fun doing it....

28 Feb, 2011
johnponting said:

Donna I like the symetry of #5. We are all at the trial & error stage, it's just a matter of how many trials we have and how many errors we are prepared to leave on the darkroom floor.

28 Feb, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Well Donna cant think any advice I have would improve these but can recall the days of manual cameras with light meters when bird photography was reserved for keen enthusiasts and professionals.

Digital has simplified matters so much that has made quality images affordable to so many and must surely have increased the levels of interest in those that felt photography was wrapped in mystery.

As JP says trial and error is something everyone goes through and possibly the keener we become the more critical we are of our attempts .You ll possibly find details in your photos that you would change as you become more familiar with your camera and much of that has to do with personal taste , many are happy to use their camera on a point and shoot basis and never investigate their cameras settings.

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