Wren versus Blue Tit

On Friday 25th February I noticed a Wren entering a feeding box a few feet from my bedroom window. He was carrying a piece of brown fern and I assumed he was making one of several nests to present to his mate. I got out my camera with its 150-500 zoom lens attached and waited. a few minutes later an indignant Blue Tit arrived while the Wren was inside the box and perched looking inside. There then followed to my amusement seveal confrontations and I tried to take a picture of the resulting scrap. The still pictures I took were fine but was having difficulty with the action photos of the scrap which was taking place. I finally got one which reminded me of the old & Cartoon battle where you have a blur of action with a limb sticking out here and there. You will see by the photos what I mean.


27 Feb, 2011
littlewren said:

saw the first of your photos John....brilliant can't wait for the confrontation

27 Feb, 2011
aster said:

Some lovely photo's there John. Maybe you should build a terrace row of bird boxes to please all the house hunters lol :))

27 Feb, 2011
johnhwright said:

I have two. The wren and blue tit are both competing for the smaller des res

27 Feb, 2011
jane said:

Having seen the amount of work the wren put in...feel its only fair that he won the contest !! Hope the bluetit settles for the other box John !!

1 Mar, 2011
lincslass said:

Seen all your photo`s John, I love to watch the birds when they are building their nests, they work so hard,that scrap at the end looks ferocious..Amazing set of pics, thankyou for sharing....

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