I do not know if you read in the local paper today regarding the
mystery of a 1,000 Blackbirds falling dead from the sky whilst
flying over a town. The flock fell in a mile square area on Friday in
Beebe, Arkansas.
An Wildlife Officer collected about 65 dead birds, sent for testing.
They seem to think they may have been struck by lightning or hail,
or they may have died from stress caused by New Year’s Eve
Fireworks. Ornithologist’s doubted the birds were poisoned as they showed no trauma. They also stated that birds have died like this elsewhere but tests were inconclusive…
So what do we think…it is a mystery don’t you agree???


3 Jan, 2011
johnponting said:

Similar in March 2010 in Somerset. About 100 fell on a single garden and were either dead or had tpo be despatched by RSPCA.

google for mystery bird deaths

3 Jan, 2011
littlewren said:

saw this briefly and have looked for update on news.....thanks freesiaperson for posting this........
john never heard that event in somerset but will google it.....poor things

3 Jan, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Heard this too FP and think freak weather conditions must be the most logical answer.Not sure what type of birds involved but usually ( possible exception flock of Shearwaters ) only migratory birds fly at night to cross open water ..so not too convinced by the firework theory.

I would also like to add that given the town it occured in I was no where near Arkansas at the time ..BB

3 Jan, 2011

I could not believe it when i read it.....1,000 unbelievable!!
so sad, what a loss..
I wll, google 'Mystery Bird Deaths' john.... it, seems so eerie these
I believe, there, must have been something in the Atmosphere
up in the sky where they, were flying to have caused this strange happening. What a, sad plight for these poor birds...
Thanks, John, Lw & Bb for your comments which i read with interest...loved, the little fun at the end of your comment Bb..

3 Jan, 2011
jane said:

Read this with sadness Fressia....and just relieved that the 30 or so blackbirds dropping in our garden today were very much alive and feasting on the stored windfalls put out for them every day this harsh winter. Fear that there are many casualties as they are recording the harshest winter since 1890.....

5 Jan, 2011
janette said:

read this as well Fressia ,a strange thing indeed ....lets hope they discover what has happened to these poor birds before any more fall from the skys....

6 Jan, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Hi FP .. also heard that fish too had been found dead in large numbers but no evidence of trauma.Searched under tornadoes in Arkansas and strangely no reports seemed to link these events to a tornado that struck in Arkansas on New Years Eve.

Sadly several people lost their lives .Have heard of fish being sucked up and transported in tornadoes obviously as storm loses intensity fish drop from sky , similarly with birds ? .. surprised that people would suggest fireworks and poisoning as theories when such an event occurred.

6 Jan, 2011

Yes, Bb i heard a discussion on the Radio today it, was one of the Topics of conversation...they had some Professor giving his views
about it, he seemed to think it all stems from Global Warming or
The Big Freeze.....said, we should all be ashamed of ourselves
& cut down on all our luxuries!! such as planes, Electronics,
Chemicals ~ polluting every living thing around us...He, said we
have been warned so, now it is happening...everyone has different
views on this subject!! I myself, just do not know what to believe.
It is supposedly, affecting the fish as well...which, you have mentioned Bb..
The Professor did finish off mentioning that, when the birds came down they
were disorientainted & bleeding internally which meant they were
slowly poisoned ~ how awful!!
It still remains a Mystery to me...

6 Jan, 2011

On a brighter note jane ...i am glad you had live Blackbirds in your garden all, looking for food...poor things, they are having such a
bad time of it. When, i looked out of my window today, there
was 1 poor Woody sitting alone in the tree looking sorry for it's self...the sleet was coming down heavily with some snow amongst it so, very cold Brr.. Brr. i think, we & the poor birds have had enough of it now, but, they do say this weather is going on until late February...more snow to come...i really do hope not!!

6 Jan, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Just strikes me as odd FP that this occurred at exactly the same time and location as a violent storm with winds up to 140 mph which caused death and destruction.

Surely this has to be acknowleged and discounted before other more unlikely theories are thrown about esp from Professors who are supposed to base their claims on research.

I believe such winds would collect roosting birds that would sit tight during hours of darkness .There were described as blackbirds which would not collect in such flocks during the day and would surely avoid the area during the hours of daylight.

I ll make sure Jane sees your message FP thanks ..

6 Jan, 2011

Janette, i do also, wish they would find the reason for this occurence!! But, i think it will remain a Mystery...

6 Jan, 2011

I agree, with you Bb...there is some reason such as yours for this
happening!! It does, seem like they are leaning towards 'Alien
Encounters'which makes it so much more exciting news..
Instead of the normal, Tornado incident...
'What puzzles me is the uncoordination & bleeding internally of the
birds as they came down??? 'Could this be signs of them caught
up in a Tornado Bb...or, are they just exaggerating it a bit too far?

6 Jan, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Can only liken it to being caught in a washing machine on highest spin cycle ..if this happened they would hit one another certainly and lose their co -ordination.

I recall those storms of Oct 87 here greenhouses sheds trees being uprooted birds try and sit storms out during the night ..they dont fly then as cannot get bearings or recognise familiar landmarks.

If by chance the tornado ripped directly through a flock of roosting birds I feel they would be taken into it.Spun at high speed and dropped in unfamiliar surroundings ..well obviously cant prove this but Ornithologists are the ones I d be listening to ..aw well time for bed been very interesting and would like to know more so thanks for info FP night x

9 Jan, 2011

Thanks, Bb for your most interesting comments...so very informative ~ your, theory on this, subject seems to make a lot of sense. I, think if you are a believer in UFO's & Alien Encounters it, would be the first thing that, would come into people's minds there, is quite a following in, this belief especially in America..
Like i said, before it, would make a bigger story than your theory!!
So the happening of these poor birds falling from the skies is then
added on to become another Alien report & so becomes a another Mystery!!!

10 Jan, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Lol FP many things in this mad world are unexplained and have no problem with wilder theories once more logical ones been discounted .Some people conclude that neighbour must have been abducted by aliens because they ve not seen them for a few days ..

11 Jan, 2011

LOL Bb you are so right....some people have been watching too much of Mulder & Scully...lol There is a great number of people
who, do believe in the occult happenings!! They don't really want
to know facts...they would rather know that there is something out there!!!

13 Jan, 2011
bonkersbon said:

Well FP ..as if you needed any proof did you read about the vulture 'arrested' by the Saudis ? Apparently a vulture being monitored in Israel flew into Saudi Arabia having been fitted with a GPS tracking device.

Of course it wasnt long before the term Zionist plot was mentioned , search saudis arrest vulture to read more ..think this has to be the ultimate bird conspiracy ..unless of course you or anyone else knows different lol

13 Jan, 2011

Well, Bb, just goes to show how something so innocent can, be
blown out of proportion....anyone,sensible would think that a GPS tracking device is nothing to get worried about ~ unless, there was a camera device attached then, it could become a different
matter!! Who knows? Like you explained, it has to be the ultimate
Bird Conspiracy...

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