New Bird hide with my results


This is my new bird hide

It might look silly but I am pleased with the photos I have taken today

I think they are not bad for a beginner. As I now have the Photography bug I am going to sort out my hide so it blends into the back ground ( I think the birds are finding my old quilt covers a bit strange to look at) A friend of mine who is a professional photographer called round today and nearly fell over laughing at my hide and camera But said the photos much to his surprise are not to bad. My camera is a 12 mega pixcels with a zoom of 10. So as I now want to take more wild life photos he is going to sort me out a secound hand camera which is much more powerfull, I no nothing about cameras so this should be fun. Once I have sorted out my hide and camera I will show you the results. We live in Ranworth on the broads and it is full of twitchers twitching away with their cameras Well watch this space you twitchers and build your own hide . Donna xx


30 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Well done Donna judging by the results you ve managed to achieve the birds dont seem to mind what it looks like.Sure as you make adjustments you ll have it truly camouflaged soon.. looking forward to further developments.

Did you ever see the TV programme hosted by Johnny Kingdom ..he tried to float a home made hide across a river to film bitterns .. had several goes and looked very odd but eventually got some great results.

If it gives you pleasure and you enjoy it .. doesnt matter what others think does it ?

30 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

left comments on your photos...and asked if they were from the hide.....well done Donna......great result ..especially the LTTs look forward to many more.....You live in a lovely part of the country so expect we will get some great birds pics from you......My brother lives in Cromer lovely place though only visited once......

30 Dec, 2010
nigeloxon said:

Well done, that looks like great fun. I just started photography a while ago. We have lots of red Kites round here so when I caught a rat in my garage I put it on the lawn and sat in my shed for 4 hours as they circled round. .. I looked away once and a carrion crow (I think, big & black anyway) zoomed in and took it, and I didnt get a pic! You are having better luck than me.

30 Dec, 2010
robashfield said:

Brilliant set of photos donna,the hide has certainly done the trick!!
Agree with BB,what does it matter what you or your hide looks like,if you are enjoying photography,that is all that matters! well done...

30 Dec, 2010
lincslass said:

Donnah I think thats an amazing idea and it certainly works for you as the photos have proved.... I have finally made the decision and have ordered a new camera for myself, stupid to order over a bank holiday weekend, I`ll have to be very patient. The birds have a lot to answer for ,lol......

30 Dec, 2010
aster said:

A wonderful set of photo's Donna. I look forward to more,you are really hooked now :))
Your hide will become more comfy as you go along,the only ones who should care how it looks are the birds !! :))

30 Dec, 2010
donna said:

Tell me about it I have not got any house work done today or much else for that matter still its better then having to put up with FOOTBALL on the telly

30 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

nothing wrong with footy know what you mean about housework.......I can be in the middle of cooking or cleaning and have to run for the camera

30 Dec, 2010
donna said:

My Windows have never been so clean I have the camera on stand by all the time

30 Dec, 2010
jane said:

Well what a impressed ! Lovely quality photos Donna...and its a great idea to camouflage the hide for the future.Looking forward to seeing the end result !

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