Shortage of Peanuts

We have just been into our local supplier for some more peanuts. They were out of stock and advised that there was a shortage in the country. Apparantly the last shipful to come in was found to contain toxins and the cargo was impounded at the docks. They are now waiting for the next ship to come in, which may be some weeks.


30 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

oops we are low too.....will have to send hubby shopping I think fingers crossed

30 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Not a shortage as such here Bulbaholic but certainly noticed the price increase .. put it down to retailers taking advantage , hadnt heard of this so thanks for warning .Can you still get monkey nuts ? Bit of a phaff to open them from shells but might be an alternative way to fill peanut feeders ..

Mealworms we have trouble locating esp from the more reasonably priced outlets.Can still get them but wont pay £6 .99 a tub !

30 Dec, 2010
robashfield said:

Mealworms no problem.Local stall at market in tamworth sells them for 2.00 a tub. Not noticed a problem with peanuts yet,will have to ask the stall man when I see him on saturday week!!

30 Dec, 2010
lincslass said:

I don`t understand my birds, they won`t eat the peanuts but thanks for the warning , I`ll make sure my daughter has enough....

30 Dec, 2010
jane said:

Thank you for the warning Bulbaholic.Will be stocking up tomorrow just in case.Our birds are going through lots of them just now.
Rob...we have a local "Wilkinsons" store which always sell mealworms for £2 a tub....but went yesterday and the shelf was stripped bare !! Well at least we know folk are feeding their

5 Jan, 2011
janette said:

Problems here trying to get peanuts ,thanks for this Bulbaholic now I know why ......Mealworms in Poundstrecher today at £ 7.99 a tub I thought that a bit dear .....

6 Jan, 2011
bulbaholic said:

As we buy more packeted food for the birds the producers see new, money spinning markets opening up. We just paid £2 per kilo for sunflower hearts at the local garden center.

6 Jan, 2011
bulbaholic said:

If I can just correct my last entry, it was £4!!!! per kilo.

6 Jan, 2011
aster said:

Saw in Asda today 3kg bags of peanuts for £5 if anyone is desperate. They have lots of bird feeding related items.

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