minor Photoshopping mods

Following on from the picture I posted earlier I had a little play around. Crop in a bit, lighten head and chest a notch and saturate background a tad then frame, sign & finish.


23 Dec, 2010
aster said:

That's a nice effect John it's brought out more detail :)

23 Dec, 2010
jane said:

I agree with Aster....lovely effect..

26 Dec, 2010
mike said:

High John. Frame sign and finish(not sure what finish is) I can do but lighten "head" - I have found how to "lighten the whole thing" but my target "resolution" for the New Year is to learn more including how to put birds into Santa Suits for next year lol.
The framed pic is better

27 Dec, 2010
johnponting said:

Mike, photoshop Quick Select Tool is our friend. I've taken the liberty of playing with one of your shots. Quick Select; click at top of green head; drag to bottom of green head; add/remove where needed; refine edges to smooth / feather / increase / decrease the selection. Then adjust the colour / brightness / contrast etc as you see fit. I've not been too carefull on your mallard and over adjusted to make the process really clear.

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