Merry Christmas from a new member

Merry Christmas all.
Its good to find like minded folk who enjoy birding. I am keen on bird photography so will add from now on. I am not putting any of my 40 thousand plus pics on but if anyone needs a pic of a species please ask. I have decent pics on about 100 different types. My xmas present is a new canon 60d with 400mm lens (thanks to my lovely wife again) I go out birding almost every day. But if you check my questions you will see I am not the at identifying.
happy new year


23 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

hi Rodscaife I am quite new here too but love to see everyones photos and share mine......I am just love my garden birds and thanks to my Panasonic dmc fz18 can get decent enough photographs for my needs. Look forward to seeing your photos
Have a merry Christmas

23 Dec, 2010
jane said:

You sound to have a wonderful collection of photos Rod...looking forward to seeing your postings and wishing yourself and family a wonderful Christmas..

23 Dec, 2010
aster said:

Merry Christmas Rod :) You will find quite a few like minded friends on here,whether to do with birds or photography. The two are inseparable really but we are at differing stages of expertise as you may have noticed :))

26 Dec, 2010
mike said:

As a relative newcomer myself Rod, I have found this bunch extremely friendly and kind. I take a decent snap but can recognise only the most common of birds, and I get some of them wrong. These guys "correct" me in a really good way. If anything - since I put so few "descriptions" onto my photos - I wish they would tell me what it is I shoot if I have not labelled.

15 Jan, 2011
muddywalters said:

Hi Rod, a belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you. Please feel free to post as many photos as you can find time for! I've always enjoyed birdwatching, but these days my dodgy back dictates when I can or cannot get out there to do some.
Luckily for me, I can birdwatch through my computer, any time, day or (insomniacal) night, thanks to Ispyabird and its camera-wielding members.

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