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I have just found this article on BBC Scotland about how the birds have been coping this winter. It is particularly interesting because it refers to unusual birds like woodcock and water rail appearing in gardens – we have just had a couple of id questions about these.
Either go to the BBC web site; click on ‘Scotland’ and look for the large picture of a sparrow hawk or go to:


11 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

That really defines how bad weather conditions have become to force such shy birds into gardens .Can only begin to think what it must be doing to birds such as Kingfishers ,Bulbaholic.

Read that the winter of 63 saw them so badly affected that in areas where they averaged one every mile saw them drop to one every 20 miles.Thanks for link.

11 Dec, 2010
david said:

Many Thanks for the link, which I have read. I am always amazed by how the natural world copes with climate, and uses it, to achieve a balance. Have been thinking about the impact our human "remedies" to keep us, and trade/supplies, "on the road" will have on other species. :-(

Demonstrates, also, I think, how important garden space is becoming for wildlife, as a "Last Resort" - not a new title, btw. I have videos dating back over a decade with suchlike titles.

Following your link to the very end, however,, I found a very human "casualty" - our Transport Minister! Aye, as the saying goes, "If you fly wi' the crows, you get shot wi'the crows".

11 Dec, 2010
bulbaholic said:

I was quite amused by the bit that SNH knew that some geese were in poor condition - the wildfowlers told them! Bit like your Audubon picture, David.
Also I noted that there are supposed to be record numbers of pink footed geese in the Solway Firth. We were supposed to go down to Gatehouse of Fleet last weekend to see friends and go bird watching but we couldn't get because of the weather - its fine now, of course.
I was sorry that Stewart Stevenson felt he had to resign because of the snow. He was never a very good minister but this was pure politics ahead of the election.

11 Dec, 2010
david said:

:-D). Finally got down to a local park this afternoon to see the Canada geese, which have always overwntered here. guess what? Not a single one to be seen. They must have moved on to somewhere with better grazing ground. I would love to see some pink-foots.

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