Who'd be a parent?

I’ll put some titles on and then let the blog speak for itself.

Room for two more?

Still struggling

2 down (i.e. up!); 1 to go

Oh dear!

Come on then …

Taking all day?
(Perhaps someone should have shouted, “Pike!”)

(Getting a bit big for this now)

Ah, well!

Some sort of success

All tucked up

Back to square one!


Low profile

An extra oar?

I’m OK, Jack

I’d wondered where the term ‘roll-on, roll-off’ came from. ☺


27 Sep, 2013
stickitoffee said:

what a lovely blog ~ had me smiling all the way through.......many thanks m_squared

27 Sep, 2013
phili said:

Excellent stuff Malcolm:o))

27 Sep, 2013
jonty said:

Brilliant blog and photos

27 Sep, 2013
felix said:

Every picture tells a story, superb :-))

28 Sep, 2013
eje said:

Great blog and photo's Malcolm.

9 Oct, 2013
saucy said:

Love the Autumn colours of this grebe I think.
Beautiful sequence of photos.

14 Oct, 2013
deida said:

Nice blog and lovely photos
thanks Malcolm

20 Oct, 2013
delboy said:

Great blog Malcolm.

23 Dec, 2013
jane said:

Wonderful blog...I enjoyed each and every shot..:o))

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