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Early Monday morning the outside temp was -13C. Today it seems a little higher and there has been another fall of snow. Roy is busy clearing paths and topping up the feeders watched by some feathered friends. Years ago that was my job and in the past I have often gone out in the snow, hard frost or rain wearing my dressing gown as I liked to feed them as early as possible. They always appeared immediately. I can remember times when I have got out of bed to heat up some bran and peelings for our little rabbit in the middle of the night, or to cover him with a tarpaulin if it was raining hard or terribly cold with snow or frost! Crazy woman some would say but others probably do or once did the same.

Our children and Grandchildren also are very self-sacrificing where little creatures are concerned, be they animals, birds, fish or insects. They rescue and nurture whenever they can.

This year has been an unfortunate one for Jesse as he lost his much needed successor to Cully, the Kestrel. This had been his dear little wood mouse that he raised from a tiny baby. It lived in luxury and showed its appreciation by being very affectionate towards Jesse; running all over him, nibbling his ears, grooming his hair and playing hide and seek in his bed!

Jesse created games for him to keep him active and amused. He would hide his titbits in different places to see how fast he could track them down. Also, he changed around the layout of his large glass tank adding small boughs to climb, little hidey holes, a mirror, some hanging tasty morsel to test his ability to gain access to it, a hamster wheel, a grassy lawn or a bed of rustling Autumn leaves. Each day he went out foraging for some new piece of interest or adornment. It was a very sad day when ‘Woody’ died.

Then there was the disaster with the fox getting the ducks. The whole family grieved for them. It seemed so unnecessary but they hadn’t been put inside the shed at the usual time on that occasion and the fox took advantage.

Harriet too has lost dear pets – her lovely hamster, Gus Gus. He played in a model plastic barn with a rather grand Beswick horse.. Harriet made blankets for him.

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He was followed by Caramel, the beautiful rabbit that died from myxomatosis.

Then came a baby House Martin with a damaged leg that she fed every two hours round the clock and kept tucked into her warm turtle neck collar until it learned how to fly. At first she had caught flies for it but upon advice she found she could buy live meal worms for it. One day whilst out for a walk around the garden some late migrating House Martins flew overhead and as quick as a flash her ‘baby’ was off flying swiftly up to join them.

After that she found a baby Jackdaw with a damaged wing and cosseted it hoping for a miracle. The bird was soon hopping around but the wing did not heal and the vet said it was badly broken and too fragile to attempt a splint so really should be put to sleep.

Her rabbit has been replaced by a guinea pig and Olivia also added another one to her collection. At present there are three playing together quite happily. Long may it remain so.

Jesse has acquired another female duck, this time a Mallard and already she has laid some fine eggs.


As soon as I can find more pictures of the above mentioned little creatures I shall put them on but for now, they have disappeared into cyber space or I have reached the stage when my brain has almost lost the ability to reason so I shall click on the key before I lose the PLOT!


7 Dec, 2010
mike said:

What a precious, if sad, blog. Thank you

7 Dec, 2010
muddywalters said:

Lovely blog Simplylyn, I really enjoyed it and when looking at the photos of Gus Gus, I had Johnny Morris's voice in my head.

7 Dec, 2010
jane said:

Thank you for sharing your highs and lows Lyn.It is so hard to accept the loss of creatures we have nurtured and loved...but there are always more "waiting in the wings" for much of the same. Earlier this summere we lost a beloved "rescue " rabbit to old age...she was 13 years old and a little treasure.She is buried at the bottom of the garden and we planted some Snow in summer (cerastium ) over her grave to tumble over the stone we placed there to prevent her being dug up by the wildlife. Wishing yourself and your family happy memories and happy times ahead...x

8 Dec, 2010
simplylyn said:

Many thanks for your kind comments. I often wonder if I am being a nuisance putting up my news and memories on these blogs but it is a connection with people that I miss since having to stay indoors, and so this website is very precious to me.

8 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

love sharing pics and stories simplylyn.

8 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Please dont ever feel that you are being a "nuisance" Lyn.The site is all about shaing experiences...the good and the bad..and it is always lovley to hear from you. Will never forget the heartwarming story of Jesse and Cully and how the family picked themselves up after the loss of their ducks.
So sorry you are confined tothe house and hope you are feeling much better soon. Roll on Spring....

8 Dec, 2010
aster said:

Life is so bitter/sweet Lyn but you have passed on your caring nature to your children and their lives will be the richer for it.
Thank you for sharing your experiences :)
Lol uddy,my thought on seeing GusGus was 'Mr Ed' :))

11 Dec, 2010
david said:

What a fantastic read, Lyn!!!! You, and your family, are real heroes!

12 Dec, 2010
simplylyn said:

Thank you all for your kind comments. I never cease to be warmed by them as we all seem to share so much through our love of wildlife and nature. Many similar experiences had by so many of you have been revealed.
Take care of yourselves and keep caring for others................

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