Bird winter olympic events.

With temps plummeting ..-18 here 7am !The evening news reports the coldest day ever recorded in Yorkshire .. How are birds managing to cope ? This the second time this year we ve had heavy snowfall so apologies that many of my photos have the white stuff in them ..

The birds not only having to contend with it but some appear to be finding ways to entertain themselves ..

The sledging events prove popular but often lead to team member disputes..

Starlings often disqualified for too many in a team.

The real stars though appear to be the Blackbirds and some shine in individual events such as ..

The Luge.

The mens downhill ..

..and ice skating.Featured here is the ‘currant’ champion.

Robins seem to prefer the practise slopes and ski off piste ..

..slalom gates take some getting used to.

Of course with any competition rules must be strictly adhered to and some events have ruffled a few feathers.

The pairs event in ice skating has proved problematic.

Where is she ?

No way ! Have you seen the state of that ice .. anyway whats the rush ?

Common love we re on next ..

Look I ve told you .. have you seen this ice ..I m not skating on that .. I wish to a-peel !

Other problems encountered are by those who forget the difference between Winter and Summer Olympics and try and enter ..

.. the polevault .

..the beam ..

and even the rings.

What a performance .. glad I choose the ski lift.

Of course spectators can only take so much of this .. and cant wait to join the freestyle event.

Thank heavens thats finished ..brrrr.


6 Dec, 2010
aster said:

Wonderful BB,I love the robin on the ski lift lol :))

6 Dec, 2010
kenrick said:

Brilliant bb. Entertainment pure! Now I'm off to watch Freddie on TV.

6 Dec, 2010
hobbit said:

Love this blog ... especially the polevault comment and pic! Such hard times for the birds in those awful temperatures ... well done on taking the pics in the freezing cold. : o )

6 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Thank you for kind comments..thought it might be nice to see them making the best of these freezing conditions.Really never known it so cold.

6 Dec, 2010
janette said:

Love this blog Bonkers it made me smile... your female skater is a bit of a diva ....she looks like she was about to have a flying fit....

6 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

that is an amazing set of photos on commentary is great

6 Dec, 2010
stickitoffee said:

that was fantastic! brilliant blog ~ enjoyed every picture and every caption. cheered me up no end! thank you

6 Dec, 2010
muddywalters said:

Great stuff BB, had me chuckling.

7 Dec, 2010
simplylyn said:

Oh what joy! Many thanks for this lovely bit of frivolity! We needed cheering up having lost two people last Thursday, a relative and an old school friend. Quite separate incidents and nothing to do with the cold weather. The number of garden visitors has diminished so the cold may be responsible for that.

7 Dec, 2010
mike said:

For me it was the blackbird having a bad hair day - thank you.

8 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Lol Janette can hardly blame her ..but with all the windfalls why she should want one from the frozen pond ..

Thanks LW and ST, MW and Mike its just snow upon snow as no thaw .. snowing as I type the fat dishes we make up freeze faster in our porch than in our freezer lol Blackbirds are in sheltering from it... our porch not the freezer but would probably be warmer for them.

Sorry about your news Lyn always sad but esp at this time of year when thoughts turn to family and friends.

11 Dec, 2010
david said:

Lol! My laugh for today, Bb. My fave is the robin on the "ski lift".

11 Dec, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Thanks David..he did seem to pick the best option didnt he !! Lol

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