my first bird watching year.

my first bird watching year has flown past (ha ha). in my garden i have resident, 11 sparrows which roost in the tall hedge opposite my kitchen window, a pair of collard doves which roost in the viburnum opposite my bedroom window. a group of starlings, a pair of black birds who keep to themselves, a robin, a pair of blue tits and a pair of coal tits, who have captured my heart with their cute attics.

out of my front window i have a veiw of may trees in the close which are homes to many pigeons, seagulls, starlings, and a pair of carrion crows and we also see pied wagtails from time to time. i have not been able to get out much other than the times i have already told you about but my husband has now two weeks holiday and we are waiting for a good day hopefully this week and we will go by bus to a rspb reserve which is the nearest to us and reachable by public transport. I am really excited about this.

i am pleased to report that i have three birdwatching converts, the first is my husband who has caught my excitemnt of seeing and naming new birds, my neighbour who can see my bird resturant from her kitchen window and my beloved cat ellie who loves bird watching with mum(i do not know why!) and is pleased that mum has bought a bird watching dvd just for her.


13 Nov, 2010
clarice said:

loved your blog and photos

13 Nov, 2010
aster said:

Me too Lemondog,lovely photo's and Ellie has a good front row seat :))
Have some great days out and don't forget to charge up your camera :))

13 Nov, 2010
mactumpshie said:

you have had an enjoyable bird watching year by your collection of great photos hope next year is even better for you .mac.

13 Nov, 2010
robashfield said:

Yes,I have had a great birdwatching 1/2 year as well!! love your blog.Heres to a good next year.

14 Nov, 2010
hobbit said:

Lovely blog with great photos. : o )

14 Nov, 2010
bonkersbon said:

You really do seem to have been bitten by the bug and nice you re keeping the cat entertained in a bird friendly way ..probably wants a DVdD of The Birds for Christmas .. oops sorry puss if spoilt the surprise.

Look forward to more of your photos .

15 Nov, 2010
deida said:

Thoroughly enjoyed your blog and pics..keep watching....

15 Nov, 2010
jane said:

Lovely blog to celebrate your first birdwatching year...thank you for sharing with us all. Hope you have a brilliant trip to the rspb reserve....and dont forget the camera !!!

19 Nov, 2010
lincslass said:

Lovely blog and you have taken some smashing photo`s........

20 Nov, 2010
david said:

Great blog, lovely pics, and the one of Ellie is wonderful. :-)

26 Nov, 2010
lemondog said:

thanks folks for all your comments, sadly i was not well enough to go on my trip and we have had snow for the last three days. i will be keeping busy making sure my birds are well fed and watered. happy bird watching!

28 Nov, 2010
dottydaisy said:

Enjoyed your blog and your lovely pics.......

28 Nov, 2010
lemondog said:

thanks dottydaisy very encouraging.

4 Dec, 2010
littlewren said:

great blog and I can feel your enthusiasm ....its a lovely pastime and hope you get many more lovely photos look forward to seeing them

7 Dec, 2010
muddywalters said:

Smashing blog Lemondog and a great set of photos. I too have an RSPB reserve close by, but unfortunately it's completely frozen at the moment and the birds have all left for softer ground ! Roll on the thaw !!
I hope you are soon well enough to make a visit to yours (don't forget your camera) and then we can see the photos.

25 Dec, 2010
lemondog said:

thanks for your comments everyone, the blackbirds are now very visable in the garden now that food is scarce, happy christmas to you all.

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