jay walking

I’ve just been for a walk in the woods nearby, hoping to take some photos of the golden leaves ~ too late ~ most of them were already on the ground!

But I did see 2 jays, one quietly swooping and then making that funny chattering sound they do and the other foraging on the path ahead of me ~ sadly the photos would have you playing I spy ~ you can hardly spot the bird!

Is it unusual to see 2 jays together? We also get them near our house but I dont think I have ever seen a female? Are they so similar that I havent noticed the difference or have I just not seen the female?


7 Nov, 2010
aster said:

Hi Sticki, the jays are identical and you can only tell them apart by their behaviour,possibly at breeding time. The two you saw could have been an adult and juvenile. They do gather in larger numbers in spring for the breeding season.

7 Nov, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Agree with Aster ....Do you have oak trees in those woods Sticki ? Jays have a habit of foraging for acorns in autumn,which they bury for later. They are important birds inthat they often forget where they have buried their cache....so help with the distribution of oak trees !

8 Nov, 2010
stickitoffee said:

thank you both of you ~ i automatically thought male and female would be different ~ you learn something everyday! there are some oaks where i was walking but there are more behind our house and i hear jays all the time and sometimes see them ~ even on the bird table occasionally!

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