Re Edit Mr William Seaborn Powell And I Spy Memories.


Hi all,

just a quick blog to inform you that I have been able to add a 3 new photos. of Billys` work for my older blog Mr. William Seaborn Powell dated 3 September 2011.

Hope you like and for those who do not know Billy please have a read.

Hope all is well for all my ispyabird friends.


Me. x

P.S. I have just been sat here remembering my childhood – every time I type ispy I remember all those ispy books you would collect. I found this photo. on the web. Happy days……


23 Jan, 2013
david said:

Many Thanks for this "alert", Sue. Have just viewed the wonderful additions to your original blog.....beautiful. The pic, above, is a marvellous find, too. :-))

23 Jan, 2013
jane said:

Thank you for jogging my memory re the Ispy books Saucy....I remember being given one as a child before visiting the seaside.....and searching the beach in order to tick off findings !! Great fun and innocent excitement discovering the world of rock pools.....brilliant....:o))

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