Dead bird positive ID

Many thanks to members Mactumpshire and aster for naming this bird: male red billed leiothrix (Peking Robin). Google images at has a clear photo and the ID is 100% in all details to my bird. Only mystery is how it came to be on my lawn; perhaps an escapee from a cage collection, taken by a cat, then abandoned? It reminds me of when a few years ago I was wahing-up in my kitchen and saw something drop with a thump onto my patio. Investigating I found a fully grown toad which was very much alive and appeared unharmed by its fall. Herons are common in Redditch so guess it had managed to struggle free from the bill of a passing heron. I put it in a bucket and released it in a local nature reserve (Ipsley Alders Marsh). It hopped away apparently non-the-worse for its encounter.


15 Oct, 2010
aster said:

Thank you,but the id' was Mactumpshies,I just compared it with a photo :)
Yes I suppose if it did escape it wouldn't stand much of a chance in the wild. Apart from cats it probably found it very cold .
Lucky toad !!

15 Oct, 2010
mactumpshie said:

your welcome lbb.sometimes our wild guesses bears fruit.

16 Oct, 2010
jane said:

Have given this a "like" because I like the story of the toad ! Well rescued !

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