Scottish clans crest badges featuring birds.

Clan Baird-crest-an eagles head proper-motto-dominus fecit(the lord made)

Clan Boswell-crest-A hooded falcon-motto-vraye foy

Clan Boyle-crest-A two headed demi eagle-motto-dominus providebit

Clan Fullarton-crest-A pelican feeding its young-motto-virescit vulnere virtus-(courage grows strong at a wound)

Clan Macdonnell of Glengarry-crest-A raven perched on a rock-motto-war cry-creag an fhitch(the ravens rock)

Clan Graham-crest-a falcon preying on a stork-motto-ne oublie(do not forget)

Six examples of birds featured in Scottish history .They are dozens more .Would like to see some examples of birds in medieval English heraldry.


2 Oct, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Hadnt considered these associations Mac - thanks for this , but of course many crests and coats of arms have them dont they ? I ve always had a particular interest in how many sports teams and even terms used in sport , have bird connections.

2 Oct, 2010
david said:

Many Thanks for the thought, research, and work you have out into this, Mact!!! Am wondering, though, where pelicans fit in? :-))))). Have been thinking of the eagle, in particular, as an emblem through the ages (but they are different types, of course). Birds as "national" symbols is a fascinating area, alone, isn't it?

Your sporting thoughts stay with me, too, Bb, and often think about them - so intriguing!!!! Alas, with golf, I'm not a "hot shot", despite where I live. More likely to end up in the ruff, rather than score a birdie, or eagle. :-((

Love this, Mact! Making me think! Added to "Birds in Art, History and Legend" - Thank You!

3 Oct, 2010
jane said:

Talking of birds as national symbols...Koreans have the magpie as their national symbol !!!

25 Oct, 2010
stickitoffee said:

those are some impressive crests mactumshie, i am a mac but our crest has no bird ~ just a castle
if i could choose my own it might be a puffin ~ bit of a clown and would like to hide underground [sometimes]!?

25 Oct, 2010
mactumpshie said:

stickitoffee,puffins are quite exotic looking birds .I think a hen would suit me ,always getting pecked.

25 Oct, 2010
stickitoffee said:

im definitely not exotic but i like their colourfulness ~ even tho they outdo me

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