September is very noticeably a time of change, and I really enjoyed a brief couple of hours yesterday at my nearest Local Nature Reserve in glorious sunshine, but with a definite hint of Autumn in the air.

The surface of the two small lochs were (not really surprisingly) totally devoid of birdlife, the summer residents having dispersed or become less evident, following a busy season of rearing and feeding families. There are now vacancies for forthcoming winter visitors.

I focused my attention, therefore, on the many other goings-on around me, starting in the wildlife garden border in the carpark (above), where the golden florets of Achillea “Gold Plate” (Yarrow) were playing host to many visitors.

Farther round the footpaths round the lochs, I enjoyed running after this Large White, in the hope of some pics.

I’d love to get my head round “macro” photography, but can’t seem to. I prefer to just get as close as possible, stay in focus, and hope for the best with my compact camera. I’ve found, however, that the HD setting makes a difference here.

This little fellow was furiously extracting some late pollen, like a roadman hard at work with a pneumatic drill – fascinating to watch.

I took far too many pics of these Hoverflies buzzing around a late field poppy, but I just loved the “hot colours” here – the closest, I think, to that “Indian Summer” we are promised year after year.

The water, however, wasn’t really without activity, of course. It was fascinating to watch myriads of insects flutter above it, the sun catching their irridescent colours, before they fell onto the water, and, due either to exhaustion, dying, or becoming waterlogged, unable to take to the air again. They very quickly became a meal for the Pond Skaters – a fascinating “quick look” into Mother Nature’s “supermarket”.

I spotted a few Small Copper butterflies on my walk. They are much more “flighty” than the Large Whites, so more difficult to “capture”, and only got the one pic (below). I really like their “Autumnal” colours.

I took a path which links the reserve to a Scots Pine woodland which has a good Red Squirrel population, hoping to spot one on the ground burying its winter food supply. Whilst there were a few bits of evidence of Squirrel activity, in the form of chewed pine cones, I didn’t see one of those iconic creatures.

Perhaps it is still a bit early for them to be on the woodland floor preparing their winter larders (although they will forget most of their hiding places), and may have better luck hunting for a “Red” in October.

On the return walk to the carpark, I was, at least, treated to a flypast by a pair of Mute Swans, who carried on towards some unknown destination. Despite the lack of birds, I still had a very interesting walk.

P.S. 23/09/12

Further to Jane’s comment below, with regard to Justin Hayward’s “Forever Autumn”, here is a link to him performing it……


“I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky
and one by one they disappear
I wish that I was flying with them,
now you’re not here.”

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22 Sep, 2012
muddywalters said:

Absolutely fabulous macros David! Marvellous.

23 Sep, 2012
eje said:

Agree with Mark,stunning macro shots and another wonderful blog David,many thanks.

23 Sep, 2012
robashfield said:

Beautiful pictures david,loving the butterflies.Thats all I managed to get yesterday!!

23 Sep, 2012
jane said:

Wow David.....fabulous photos and great observations. Its amazing what is out there isnt it ! Spent a few minutes the other day by our pond and it was great to see so much " late" activity !!
Love your pic of the Pond Skater...what a beauty !
Something rather wistful about the last one...reminds me of the song " Forever Autumn" whenever I see a flypast this time of year....quite haunting..

23 Sep, 2012
phili said:

Some good ones there David,well done mate.

23 Sep, 2012
aster said:

These are wonderful shots David. I love the warm tones of the plants around at the moment. Just trying to absorb them myself to keep me topped up over the winter :))
Lots of activity still around and you've caught a fair chunk here David lol :)

23 Sep, 2012
david said:

Many Thanks for the kind comments on my "macro" shots, folks. Have to agree with you re the butterflies, Rob. :-))

Agree, too, Aster, re our garden plants. In fact, I recently moved my potted Hostas to my front doorstep, along with some "red wine" foliaged dwarf Deutzias. The changing colours of the Hostas, from orange to yellow, with the dark reddish-brown of the Deutzias, is so nice and welcoming. :-))

"I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky
and one by one they disappear
I wish that I was flying with them,
now you're not here."

Jane! Wonderful song, of course. Your comment has led me to add a postscript to this blog (see above), with a link to a performance with some nice seasonal images....Thank You! :-D)

24 Sep, 2012
m_squared said:

First-class images. Thanks for sharing.

25 Sep, 2012
bonkersbon said:

These close ups are wonderful David...and particularly great to see the " evidence" of the red squirrel activity ! Just taken time out to listen to the beautiful song above.....timeless and classic...love it ! The perfect end to an otherwise stressful day...thank you..

26 Sep, 2012
deida said:

beautiful autumn pics David..love the song..one of my fav's
thanks for your hard work and time...most appreciated..

27 Sep, 2012
jane said:

Aww....glad you put up the link David...wonderful song.....just had to return to look at those brilliant orange and warm photos with the hoverflies ! Perfect antidote to a cold and wet day such as we have just had....:( Hope you are all staying warm,safe and above all dry !

30 Sep, 2012
david said:

You're welcome, folks :-))

Wasn't the weather horrendous, Jane? All well here, hope same with you and everyone else. My laptop has just given up the ghost - lost some nice Dipper pics I got yesterday :-(( Hope to get a replacement PC soon :-(

1 Oct, 2012
bonkersbon said:

Sorry to hear you lost the Dipper shots David...one of my all time favourite birds ! Good luck with the new PC.Checked out our local river yesterday and despite rising levels still had a fly past from the kingfisher !

7 Jan, 2013
saucy said:

The wings on the white butterfly should be carrying a fairy. Can I send this shot to a friend of mine who makes OOAK fairy dolls?
Forever Autumn always makes me cry - when I got my first dog in `75 we always kicked up the autumn leaves and laughed our heads off.

9 Jan, 2013
david said:

Sorry re the memories, Saucy :-( Never mind, re the request, please, please, "take it away". Hoping your friend can make some use of it. :-))

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