Pelicans in St James's park


I have seen the Pelicans in St James’s park before, but they have always been some distance away. Maybe taking a break from the tourists.

Not this time!

A couple of years ago there was a story in one of the daily rags about a pelican in St James’s park swallowing a pigeon in front of some tourists… when you see the size of them and their beaks you can sort of start to believe that story!

Apparently if you visit at 2.30pm you can see them being fed. Might have to time my next visit.


29 Sep, 2010
david said:

Gosh! That story does seem hard to swallow, doesn't it? I thought pelicans ate only fish. Those coots better look out, then. :-)

Don't have anything quite as exotic in our parks, and so enjoying these pics. Hope you can get back at feeding time one day.

29 Sep, 2010
mactumpshie said:

great shots the last one is a cracker.

the pelican is an amazing bird its beak can hold more than its belly can.

29 Sep, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Thanks for this Ajay didnt realise such birds were in parks in London .If that pigeon story true then surprised they dont lunch in Trafalgar Square..

29 Sep, 2010
robashfield said:

Seen pelicans on holiday in Cyprus,but did not realise they were in this country(apart from zoos!!)nice photos...

29 Sep, 2010
jane said:

WOW ! Looking at the size of that beak can well believe that story of the pigeon.Not that it is a sight I would have enjoyed witnessing !!!

30 Sep, 2010
lincslass said:

Beautiful photo`s, thanks Ajay, I`ll make sure St James Park is on our list next time we visit London.........

1 Oct, 2010
ajay said:

Thanks everyone :)

15 Oct, 2010
david said:

Well, I have to report that the pelican eating a pigeon is TRUE, as have just read about it in today's Scottish Daily Express, complete with pics taken by one of the witnesses. There is no mention of when this occurred, except that it was a sunny Autumn day. The pelican then went on to eat a second bird! I Can't find the article online, though. There are numerous articles, TV news stories and videos online re previous witnessed events, however.

15 Oct, 2010
jane said:

Well well well David !! Many thanks for fishing this confirmation out :o) (ouch ! ) Lol....

15 Oct, 2010
david said:

This was at work this morning, Jane (we get all the Scottish editions of national, as well as all the local/regional newspapers delivered, free. Was reading this at breakfast, and couldn't believe what I found. Have brought the page home, but too large to scan, and probably would breach copyright to reproduce here. Not being able to find this article online, I typed "pelican eats pigeon" into my Google search, and found many items re this in St James' Park, dating back to 2005/06. Then, even the RSPB was amazed that a pelican would eat anything other than fish!!

Well, Ajay, seems that you have stumbled upon another avian form of pigeon control in London, together with the Harris Hawks of Trafalgar Square! :-))

I find lots of bird-related stories in the press, like a recent one about a herring gull dropping a captured pet budgie on a lady's head in Orkney, in favour of her takeaway fish supper!!! Today, also, was an article on an eagle owl trying to carry off a bloke's pet dog out on a walk!!! Several newspapers are also carrying articles today on endangered bird species here, and where they are "in the league" right now. Could almost do a weekly press report, lol!!!

16 Oct, 2010
jane said:

Please do David !! This is all very fascinating.....I find the story about the pet budgie a bit far fetched...but if true..did the poor budgie survive ???

16 Oct, 2010
ajay said:

David, 2005 or 2006 is probably when I read about it too. If I knew I would have had somewhere to talk about it 4 years later I would have kept the story.

16 Oct, 2010
david said:

Hi Ajay, I don't remember this from then, but typing "pelican eats pigeon" into my Google search box brought up all the footage, etyc from 2005 and 2006. I wonder if this is the same pelican, or whether they have broadened their diet?

Will think about it, Jane :-)) I keep thinking that everyone sees the same stories in the press as I do. The budgie story is true, and was in several newspapers. The lady took the stunned budgie home, and it was given the name Angel, because it "fell from the sky". :-)))

17 Oct, 2010
jane said:

Lovely end to the saga then David !! Hope Angel was non the worse for her "experience " !!!

5 Apr, 2013
birdbrain said:

david i know im late with this reply i just found your post , its absolutly unbelievable about the pelicans didnt even know thet were in this country, think i"ll get one for the pond my wife hates pigeons ;o)), and the budgie seagull story i wouldnt doubt,, i saw a herring gull dive bomb a young woman on mevagissy harbour just for a chip her chips went everywhere, viscious creature but thats nature,, in polperro they cull them by removing the eggs and putting dumies in place, there becomeing a serious threat. i enjoyed your post thanks john.

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