They did it!

In each of the two major flood episodes on the Somerset Levels earlier this year the Little Grebe were washed out of the nest before hatching. They’ve finally managed to raise young! The juveniles are coming along fine and getting about on the water.

Here are my favourite images from the pictures I took on the 23rd August 2012 at RSPB Greylake.

Watch carefully

Your turn



Wait for me

Turning the corner

Over at RSPB Ham Wall the story had been similar, but there too late breeding has been successful. You have to hand it to Grebe in general – they’re persistent.

Glare off the water can be an issue at Ham Wall at certain times. I think I was able to exploit it in these last two images.

The vastness of things

Somewhere to go?


26 Aug, 2012
muddywalters said:

Excellent news, blog and photos Malcolm.

29 Aug, 2012
phili said:

Glad to hear of their success,good shots my friend.

29 Aug, 2012
jane said:

Ah thats a lovely success story Malcolm ! Beautiful photos of this smashing little family....:o))

30 Aug, 2012
bonkersbon said:

Brilliant news M....and great shots particularly the first two....lessons in life and survival.

31 Aug, 2012
david said:

Am in awe of their determination. Fascinating shots and insight, Malcolm.

7 Jan, 2013
saucy said:

The water in those images looks so clear and cold. I so love the last shot.
He looks rather sad in that image like he has the weight of the world on his shoulder. Would you mind if I used the picture as a background?

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