birds are back


i did a blog on our birds being back on GOY and thought i would add it on our birdy site to but revived slightly, shame we cant copy and paste onto here but i tried that and doesnt work lol lazy arent i hahaa

anyway its lovely to see my birdy friends back even though i have felis catus aka casper (the hunter) but im on his tail so to speak and keeping him under control

so there is the hunter in question, a good boy really,

anyway here are some of my birdy friends that have come back to feed for winter and lovely to see them to, i can spend ages just watching them,

so there you go and time to start filling them feeders if you havent already, they are obviously looking for food now to be back in the gardens, hope your birdys are back to ;o))


28 Sep, 2010
jane said:

Yes thanks San...ours never even left ! Flocks of starlings and about 15 goldfinches..the adults and their babies.Just been saying on Lincslasses blog....all this and its not even winter yet !! Lol Think the collared dove in your last but one pic is trying to tell you something !!! Lol

28 Sep, 2010
sandra1 said:

i knew all your birds would have stayed put jane lol 5 start luxury hotel hahah, yes the dove is hinting and i try to feed them but as soon as i put anything out the damn pigeons apear from now where ;o( im working on a plan

28 Sep, 2010
lincslass said:

Yes you`ve added some San, Guess we`re going to be very busy in the next few months, my biggest nuisance is Brynner, he`s of the opinion all food in the garden is

28 Sep, 2010
david said:

Great pics, and so good to see they're back, San!!! They obviously know a "Cordon Bleu" establishment when they see one!

30 Sep, 2010
deida said:

Lovely birdy pics San..nice to see them back
havn't seen a blackbird in my garden for ages..very strange.Mind you this year the trees are laden with berries..

1 Oct, 2010
janette said:

Great photos Sandra ,nice to see your lovely birdbath getting used .....

13 Oct, 2010
sandra1 said:

cheers sue, poor brynner lol
thanx david
cheers deida, im sure you will get them soon,
thanx janette they soon got use to the birdbath so im so pleased,
thanx again ;o))

25 Oct, 2010
stickitoffee said:

good news sandra!
yes the birds are just beginning to come back to my garden and ive filled up the feeders ~ even tho there are lots of berries around.
i dont get blackbirds and i would love to have goldfinches but i do see robin, blue tit, great tit and nuthatch

25 Oct, 2010
sandra1 said:

hi stickitoffee glad you have some nice birds with you and nice to see you on here to ;o))

25 Oct, 2010
stickitoffee said:

thank you!
had a great bird watching day today ~ just from the kitchen [where the computer is as well] i saw robin, blue tit, great tit, nuthatch and then later saw the long tailed tits from the garden ~ my cat was asleep indoors!

25 Oct, 2010
sandra1 said:

im the same have to watch casper isnt out when i see the birds feeding in the morning especially, mind you the small birds are pretty quick ;o))

25 Oct, 2010
stickitoffee said:

too quick for me and my camera!
the jays were arguing again, shrieking through the trees but i couldnt get them on camera either

25 Oct, 2010
sandra1 said:

wish i got jays here, never seen one yet, lovely birds ,off now so catch you later stickitoffee ;o)

25 Oct, 2010
stickitoffee said:

amazing birds ~ but what a noise!

28 Nov, 2010
dottydaisy said:

Good to see them back San.......bit late coming to this!!!

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