Spring has sprung and the warm weather has seen these visitors return and ready to leap into action.

Not a lot of room left so guess thats the reason they feel the need to double up ?

They seem to realise the pressures on as if previous years anything to go by the ducks soon arrive.

Followed by voracious dragonfly larvae .. no wonder we need to spawn so heavily.

Nice to have the place to ourselves for a while.

Enjoy it while you can frog .. we ll be back soon !


11 Mar, 2012
psilo said:

Oh my goodness how simply wonderful! I used to have a pond in my garden full of frogs and spawn and the odd newt but i had to fill it in. I do miss it, especailly at this time of year. Wonderful photographs and those ducklings are amazing. Saw lots of cygnets and goslings today but no ducklings yet. Cant wait. Excellent photos and blog!

12 Mar, 2012
davidspicer said:

great pond life thank you for sharing

12 Mar, 2012
phili said:

Very nice Jane:o))

12 Mar, 2012
johnponting said:

Jane, I am strangely attracted by the voyeuristic nature of this blog (NOT).

Excellent pictures.

12 Mar, 2012
purplepride said:

Lol at Johns comment...Wonderful blog & fab shots Jane...dontcha just love the hormonal rush of spring

12 Mar, 2012
muddywalters said:

Super blog and photos Jane . . . keep us updated!

12 Mar, 2012
jane said:

Thank you all.....a very entertaining way to spend a warm sunny afternoon....counted 17 frogs in all !!!
John....did wonder if this should be censored !!! Lol....
Yes Keza....really felt that Spring had sprung yesterday....excuse the pun !!
Muddy...will do.....:o))

13 Mar, 2012
aster said:

Your pond is such a draw for so many creatures Jane, you must wonder where they all lived before they all took up residence in your garden :)
The pond looks lovely and clear, have you had to do any spring cleaning in it at all ?
Lovely shots of the 'frolicking' frogs ;)))

13 Mar, 2012
jane said:

Thanks Aster.....yes I have often wondered where they all came is such a magnet for the wildlife. A squirrel was down having a drink as I set off for work this morning...bless !
No the pond had no help at all....the water is crystal...must have got the planting balance right plus there is lots of surface cover of duck weed which helps.Talking of which the ducks soon decimate everything in sight when they arrive so its a miracle really....:o))

13 Mar, 2012
deida said:

wonderful Blog Jane.. some great shots must be very proud..last pic is my fav' cute..
I have nominated your lovely Frog Photo..well done

13 Mar, 2012
jane said:

Aww thanks Deida.....and for the nomination.... Yes I always think that building this pond was the best thing we ever did in the garden....they all love it !! Can hardly wait to see ducklings here once more.....:o))

14 Mar, 2012
mike said:

I really must look out for these fellows

17 Mar, 2012
justjan said:

Thanks for sharing with us your pond Jane. Must post more photos when the ducks return :)

17 Mar, 2012
jane said:

Many thanks Mike and Jan.
Jan...the ducks have returned and bred for the last 4 years so should be anytime now...cant wait....:o))

3 Apr, 2012
david said:

Stunning frog shots, Jane! Sounds like you did have a lovely sunny afternoon by your wonderful pond. :-))

3 Apr, 2012
jane said:

Thank you David....seems like a distant dream now as the frog spawn has all hatched and the tiny tadpoles dispersed !! How many will end up in the ducks tums is anyones guess !!

4 Apr, 2012
david said:

Gosh, of course, you have your very own food chain store, too! Some strange figures and %s now running through my head, hehe! :-D)

4 Apr, 2012
jane said:

Lol David....dont even go there !!! We now have one of Roses young trying to claim rights to the pond...with her mallard partner challenging Roses...chaos!!!

4 Apr, 2012

Just love your frogs Jane, a couple of weeks ago I was checking the lawn mower over and from the blades out popped a toad.
I reckon it had been hibernating as it was so groggy. I left it on the edge of my water feature (A saucer full compared to your beautiful pond) and it slid gently into the water. I did put some worms nearby and both they and toad had moved on

4 Apr, 2012
david said:

Wow! A "trolley dash" going on, too!!! Many Thanks for the update, Jane :-))

Wow, Tommy - well-spotted!! Good for you, too. Enjoy comments like this. :-))

6 Apr, 2012
jane said:

Hi David...still the same this rate think they may all disappear and head for more peaceful waters......:o(
Thank for visiting my blog Tommy....and loved to read about your toad...well done.Any size water feature is a godsend to the wildlife and its great to see the antics of your visitors as they enjoy yours....:))

10 Apr, 2012
david said:

Aw, Jane, it would be so nice if some stayed around, though, wouldn't it?

11 Apr, 2012
jane said:

Aye David....currently Rose is still nesting and the young female taken up residence in the garden with her partner ! Cant interfere though...they have to sort it all out amongst themselves !! Lol..

9 Dec, 2012
snoopdog said:

jane i can not say the words your blogs overwhelm me wonderous

11 Dec, 2012
jane said:

Many thanks for taking the time to visit my blogs Snoopdog....hoping the frogs are now in suspended animation under the mostly frozen pond I keep airholes open daily whatever the weather to help them through.....

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