Aerial magic


OK here goes my first effort at writing a blog on here. I thought I would begin with one driving passion, bird flight. Bird flight is something that has long fascinated most people, but what really interests me, is the formations and patterns that they make in the sky. Being an artist all my life, I cant help but be inspired by what I call aerial magic. All my life I have studied the paintings of Sir Peter Scott and from that, my passion, to reproduce something similar, has grown.

It is the first time I have seen Avocets flying in such a large flock at Martinmere. How could I possibly resist them? Previously spooked by a harrier they settled back down to feed. I had missed that opportunity so I had to sit and wait for another. Two Marsh harriers were hunting close so I did not have to wait for long.

Can you spot the odd one out in the photo below!

The birds were quite a long way out. The light was harsh and coming from the left (the direction the birds were flying) making it difficult to get any kind of detail. To get any detail I had to capture them as far to the right as I could. Even then I was over exposing on the compensation by almost two full stops!

The photo below is created from the photo above. It is a massive crop but in that photo I saw a very pleasing formation. I love the way Avocets wheel and dive and this piece shows it beautifully. Can you see the birds in the original shot? The camera captures what the eye is often too slow to see, producing aerial magic!


2 Mar, 2012
davehowle said:

Loads of inspiration for you there, Psilo. Great flight shots!

2 Mar, 2012
phili said:

Certainly different Annette,might be interesting to try some versions in mono or with colour inversions:o))

2 Mar, 2012
mike said:

Just a great set of photos and interesting words

2 Mar, 2012
eje said:

A truly staggering set of photo's,thanks for sharing them with us.

2 Mar, 2012
oxfordboy said:

What a great set of shots.

2 Mar, 2012
robashfield said:

A truly "flight of fantasy psilo...brill blog.

2 Mar, 2012
m_squared said:

Thanks. A great blog.

3 Mar, 2012
muddywalters said:

Excellent blog Annette. The detail you pulled out of that crop is staggering and I know just what you mean about a split second of aerial magic. Inspiring stuff.

3 Mar, 2012

excellent blog and photos

3 Mar, 2012
felix said:

Great blog and pics, thanks for sharing, really enjoyed

3 Mar, 2012
aster said:

Well captured Psilo,you have caught their markings brilliantly :)

3 Mar, 2012
murf said:

Hi Psilo, beautiful pics of a beautiful bird. I like the insights into the photographic side of things, too.
Cheers, Si

3 Mar, 2012
bonkersbon said:

Aerial magic indeed! Stunning captures Psilo...

3 Mar, 2012
deida said:

agree with all members...superb photos Annette

4 Mar, 2012
jane said:

Beautiful captures Psilo....agree the flight formations are fascinating and always for the soul....:o))

7 Mar, 2012
david said:

Great shots showing wonderful patterns and formations, Psilo.

12 Mar, 2012

What beautiful pictures Psilo and what an interesting first blog Amazing how the odd one out was keeping in time with the leaders. Wish I could work out a camera's setting the same as you. All these settings confuse me more than the laptop.

20 Mar, 2012
topflight said:

A great blog and a wonderful collection of in-flight photographs Psilo. Cheers John.

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