Jousting time at Warwick Castle,

Thursday found us visiting Warwick Castle, whilst there we enjoyed our picnic lunch sitting across the river whilst watching the jousting, not sure which was the most entertaining the joust or the guest`s who joined us….

That was my bap, I made it and duckie took it, I was amazed at the speed in which said duck moved to get my lunch,LOL, mind you they enjoyed it and we thought it was funny.

They spent the whole time wandering amongst the crowd, dinner here and dessert elsewhere, its obviously an everyday occurence ,…..

Lunch and jousting nearly finished and the heavens opened, we didn`t let it deter us ,stoic english determination, we`d paid and wanted our moneys worth.we did the grand tour inside and made it back outside in time to see part of the display by the birds of prey.


The birds didn`t perform their usual routine and I certainly didn`t blame them as it was pouring down and continued to do so for the rest of the day. Oh well, no change there…. Just carry on regardless….


27 Aug, 2010
aster said:

Glad you still enjoyed your day.'Lovely weather for ducks' as the saying goes :) The birds of prey are magnificent.

27 Aug, 2010
bonkersbon said:

It is a lovely day out there in a beautiful part of the country the setting is glorious the high speed ducks.

Sorry about the weather but lots to do and see inside too.

27 Aug, 2010
lincslass said:

Oh yes we did enjoy ourselves, we did Stratford,Kenilworth Castle and ended our trip in Coventry, it rained continuosly, London again tomorrow with rainjacket, lol...
Royal swans again I think,lol.......

28 Aug, 2010
david said:

The ducks really can provide great entertainment, can't they? They don't seem interested in the show at all, lol!
What a coincidence to read about your great day out, just when we are about to go to something similar today. :-)

28 Aug, 2010
jane said:

LOL...the ducks...not a care on the world ! Love the photos...especially the duck getting your bap !! Despite the rain you had a great day out and thats all that matters Lincslass. Thank you for sharing.......

2 Sep, 2010
simplylyn said:

Lovely to see your blog, Lincslass. Great photos and commentary with giggles here and there!

3 Sep, 2010
sixpence said:

Lovely photos and so pleased you enjoyed yourself at such an great event, you should of said prior to visiting I could of met up with you as I live in Coventry

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