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I feed the birds throughout the year but have forged a special relationship with one blackbird I named Bobby. He has successfully raised chicks and has a regular lady at his side. He demands I feed him at least 2 times a day and always swoops down at my feet in anticipation. Today, to my amazement, he ventured into my lounge as bold as brass, careful not to scare him I let him have a look around and he flew out on his own accord. I will not encourage this behaviour but I think it is fantastic he trusts me to a degree.


22 May, 2010
bonkersbon said:

Hi Ams long time no see lovely to have a bird spot isnt it ?
We too have a bold blackbird that comes into the kichen looking for mealworms ..he even helps himself direct from the pot if considers us to be too slow !

We have 3 cats so better not encourage any further lol

25 May, 2010
terratoonie said:

Hello Ams...
Nice to hear from you.
What a trusting blackbird..
fantastic ! :o)

1 Jun, 2010
sixpence said:

Lovely when birds trust you watch he 's not out to watch the footie on your tv lol.

6 Jun, 2010
donna said:

Thats lovely I would love that to happen in my garden Problem is so would the cat On a morning I put my cat food outside in a bowl so olley can have his breakfast(Whiskers in gravy wont eat anything less) Olley always leaves a little food and every morning their is a blackbird and a robin wait for him to go so they can finish his breakfast I then have to stand guard at the window incase Olley comes back. LOL

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