Thanks to everyone who had a go at identifying the three birds I saw at the London Wetlands Centre.

I emailed my query to the London Wetland Centre and had a very helpful reply from Phoebe Young, Aviculture Warden at WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre. The three birds are: Maned Goose, female on left and male on right; Juvenile Moorhen (the pale colour was what fooled me) and a Tufted Duck female with her chicks. The yellow eye is an identifier. If you Google all three under Google ‘Images’, you get wonderful pictures of them and can clearly see that this is what they indeed are. Thanks to Phoebe again. The mummy tufted duck bears no resemblance to the male which is often illustrated in the books. For those of you who’ve not been to the Wetland Centre… a trip will be a real treat.


23 Aug, 2010
jane said:

Thats great to get such a helpful response Pamela.I would earmark a trip to Slimbridge for the sounds superb !

23 Aug, 2010

Hi Jane, I think you're right, a trip to Slimbridge is a MUST!!

24 Aug, 2010
jane said:

On wish list then Pamela !!

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